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  • We understand your situation and have built a long-standing relationship with Newport to provide a living memorial for the lives that have positively impacted our area's history.  
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Eureka Cemetery & Mausoleum Association (ECA) was incorporated on January 18, 1889 and is a recognized 501(c)(13) Non-Profit historical cemetery.  ECA began with a land donation.  By purchasing surrounding property and donation of land from our neighbors, we have grown to a 22 acre cemetery.
The association provides the final resting place for thousands of remains of loved ones with both in-ground burial sites, and a mausoleum for either casket or urn above ground burials. 
 The staff meets with families to assist in selecting a grave site, mausoleum crypt or niche, or the scattering flower garden area.  Additionally, staff assists in the selection and ordering of grave markers (headstones) while coordinating the burial and related ceremonies.  Our staff also coordinates annual events and ceremonies honoring our fallen veterans on days such as Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and other days of remembrance.
We assist those attempting to locate family members and friends resting within our cemetery, in person, by email, or via phone requests for information.
Our cemetery relies on the purchase of rights of interment and the sale of concrete liners, vaults, markers, and perm-a-vases for the income necessary to fund its very existence along with some contributions from the public.  The State of Oregon, County of Lincoln, and City of Newport waive what would be a very substantial property tax which cuts down on the yearly expenditures which helps the cemetery to exist and remain available for the general public. 

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About the Cemetery

Our Vision: 

To take seriously the tremendous responsibility of the deeply rooted history that we maintain.
To continue to provide a serene sanctuary for all souls at rest on our grounds and the people who visit.  

Our Mission: 

Eureka Cemetery & Mausoleum Association is committed to maintaining a serene sanctuary where we Honor, respect, and protect the final wishes of your cherished family, friends and all of whom has entrusted us with their care.  

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