Watch this fun aerial video via drone of the cemetery grounds.

Aerial Photo via airplane

The yellow highlighted areas show the outline of Eureka Cemetery & Mausoleum property.

Our Buildings

Our office building below is quite small but useful as it serves our needs.  Our mausoleum shown to the right of our office picture contains both crypts and niches.  Due to their sizes, crypts may contain caskets and/or urns while niches only contain urns.  The picture on the far right shows our cemetery shop which is crowded with limited space as it holds all our maintenance equipment and supplies.

Our two Veteran Memorials

In the following sections, we will show the different areas of our 22 acre cemetery. 

These sections are work in progress as we will be adding pictures as time goes on.

1st Addition - Original Bensell Addition

-This is the Original Section of the Cemetery where the founding residents of the Newport Community lay at rest. This addition features above ground headstones.

2nd Addition

-The second addition aptly named for the first add-on to the Original Section. In addition to the Original Section and the 3rd addition this is only one of three sections in the cemetery that upright markers are still allowed. 

3rd Addition

-This section is located on the hill directly above the Original section and is the last section to boast upright markers.

4th Addition

Baby Land

5th Addition

Urn Garden

~ Urn interments only are allowed in this area

6th Addition

7th Addition

Pacific View I

-Pacific View is the newest addition. It is located across the street from our main cemetery. It includes Living Memorials, Scattering Gardens and beautiful locally made stone benches.

Scattering Garden

~ Cremated remains may be scattered in this area with permits.  Monument markers are optional.

Pacific View II

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